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Ocean of Grass
Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
313 North 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508 402-472-5353

Ocean of Grass Special Screening with Filmmaker Q+A

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Join us for two screenings of the documentary OCEAN OF GRASS followed by a Q+A with director Georg Joutras.

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8.24 Fri 7:00 p.m.
8.25 Sat 3:00 p.m.

Admission is at regular Ross prices. Both screenings will be followed by a Q+A. 


The American cattle ranch, an icon of the United States, projects an enticing historical vision of hard working people living close to nature on the plains of the west. The McGinn Ranch first settled in the 1870's, is such a place. Moving into its 5th generation, the ranch encompasses all that makes America great: an appreciation of heroic effort, the love of family, friends, and country, and doing whatever it takes to survive. It is a landscape of individuals with unique personalities.

The documentary film, OCEAN OF GRASS - LIFE ON A NEBRASKA SANDHILLS RANCH, is a visually stunning organic journey about life all rolled up into the ranch experience. The conflicts and issues in the film are real but not overblown. In the end, the film is an honest and personal look at being who you are and treating all creatures and the land with respect.

The film has been called ‘masterful’, 'zen-like and meditative', 'a genre of its own', ‘visual poetry’, 'spectacularly filmed’, and “a true, honest look at ranching”.

It is also an experiential, immersive documentary capturing a year in the life of a 130 year old Nebraska Sandhills ranch, The cinematography submits to the lyrical and timeless feeling of the American Great Plains, and presents the intriguing personalities of those who choose this sparse, rugged lifestyle. The film narrative is provided by the ranchers who have called this area home for generations.


Producer/Director/Cinematographer Georg Joutras constantly reinvents himself as he moves through this journey of life. Georg is a groundbreaking software developer, award-winning photographer and author who’s books are part of the permanent collection of the Nebraska Historical Society, and a true renaissance man - director, producer, writer, cinematographer, drone operator, editor, colorist, promoter, part-time ranch hand, and visual steward for the important Sandhills of Nebraska.

Georg’s immersive vision for film creates emotive imagery with a subdued, quiet nature. His first feature-length film, “Ocean of Grass”, has seen multiple sold out showings at the Kansas City FIlmFest and at the Nebraska premiere in Broken Bow. The film has been called “masterful”, “unlike any other film”, “a true, honest look at ranching in America”, and “unique in tenor and feeling”. 

He is currently working on “Women on the Mother Road”, a documentary about Route 66 by filmmaker Katrina Parks, “Debt of Honor”, a look at the writers workshop of avant-garde screenwriter Donald Freed, and will soon begin filming "Becoming Galactic”, a film based on the book 'The Forgotten Promise' by Sherry Wilde.

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