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4:40 p.m.
Dreaming of a Vetter World
Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
313 North 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508 402-472-5353

Dreaming of a Vetter World Special Encore Screening


$10 General Admission
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The Mary Riepma Ross Theater is proud to present an encore screening of the inspiring new documentary “Dreaming of a Vetter World,” about pioneering organic farmer David Vetter. The film premiered at The Ross in July, 2018 to a sold-out crowd.

Event Times

10.13 Sun 4:40 p.m.

Admission is $10. Tickets available online and at the Ross box office.

David Vetter and filmmaker Bonnie Hawthorne will be in attendance for a brief Q+A following the film.


The compelling 77-minute documentary “Dreaming of a Vetter World” comes at a time when interest in organic farming and regenerating soil has exploded worldwide. Others are realizing what the Vetters have known for decades: soil is key to our very survival.

The film focuses on the story of the Vetter family, pioneering organic farmers in Marquette, Nebraska. Shot, directed, edited, and narrated by first-time filmmaker Bonnie Hawthorne, the documentary tells the story of the Vetter family’s decades-long experiment with a self-renewing farm management system. It is also a story about place, hope, and love; an inspiring example of perseverance and doing what you know is right, against all odds.

Beautifully shot on location in Hamilton County, Nebraska, this engaging documentary shows what farming with nature is all about. At the heart of this powerful story is David Vetter’s journey from farmer’s son, to missionary, to scientist, and back to farmer again, where he practices what he calls a "ministry to the soil." The film also includes interviews with other organic leaders Fred Kirschenmann, David’s father Donald, and others.



David Vetter is an organic farmer and grain producer in Central Nebraska. He holds a BS in Soil Science/Agronomy from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary. David was instrumental in developing the infrastructure for the organic food production system used today in the United States. He was a founding member of the Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society, and chaired the first Organic Crop Improvement Association’s International Certification Committee. He has won many awards including Rodale Institute’s 2016 Farmer of the Year. For the last four decades, David Vetter has used what many now call regenerative organic agriculture techniques to improve soil, grow food, and teach others to do the same.


Bonnie Hawthorne is a filmmaker with a varied professional skillset: director, cinematographer, writer, editor. Thanks to early photography and writing achievements, Bonnie won a scholarship to attend NYU's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts as a film major. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Bonnie worked in film production on independent feature films. She later compiled numerous video editor credits on documentaries, commercials, and reality television shows. In 2014, Bonnie traded income for adventure, heading to the corn belt with her vintage Nikon lenses, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras and her camper, Petunia. The result of that trip is her first feature film, Dreaming of a Vetter World.

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