Mar 11 2024 - Dec 09 2024


Vision Maker Media and The Ross Media Arts Center are proud to present a series of free screenings featuring short Native American films and tv programs from the VMM public broadcasting archives. Spanning nearly 50 years of programming, The Native American Film Series will feature artist profiles, musical performances, family stories, and documentantaries on historical figures and traditions.

Screenings in this series will take place on the second Monday of each month in 2024 and are admission free and open to the public. Check back for more information!

MONDAY, MARCH 11 – 7:15 p.m. (Followed by a discussion with Princella RedCorn & Christine Lesiak)
Return of the Sacred Pole (1990) | The story of the Omaha tribes reclamation of the sacred pole; its importance to the Omaha’s Heritage; its stay at the Peabody; and its return to its owners. (30 minutes)

Medicine Woman (2016) | What does it take to heal a people? That’s the question at the heart of Medicine Woman, a one-hour PBS documentary interweaving the lives of Native healers of today with that of the first Native American doctor. Born on the Nebraska frontier in 1865, Susan La Flesche Picotte studied medicine at a time when few women dared. She graduated first in her Philadelphia class and returned home to a shattered world. She spent the rest of her life working to help her people become whole again. (56 minutes)


What began as a film archive to conserve and document Native American stories, transformed into the nation’s leader in content by and about Indigenous people for public broadcasting. Vision Maker Media works with Native producers to develop, produce, and distribute programs to educate audiences. More info…

A note on image quality: Programs in this series have been collected from public broadcasts spanning from the 1970s to today and may contain a low-resolution picture and occasional image anomalies from their transfer to digital media.

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