Mar 17 - 30 2023


Rural Ireland. 1981. When 9-year-old Cait is sent to live with foster parents for the summer, she learns a new way of living and uncovers a painful truth.


Rural Ireland. 1981. Cáit is a nine-year-old girl from an over-crowded, dysfunctional and impoverished family. Quietly struggling at school and at home, she has learnt to hide in plain sight from those around her.

As summer arrives and her pregnant mother’s due date approaches, Cáit (Catherine Clinch) is sent to live with distant relatives. Without knowing when she will return home, she is left at the strangers’ house with only the clothes she is wearing. The Kinsellas, a middle-aged couple she has never met, dress the girl in what clothes they have.

They are farming people, like her own, but hard-working and wanting for nothing, it seems. Despite a warm reception from the woman, Eibhlín (Carrie Crowley), the man of the house, Seán (Andrew Bennett), keeps his distance from Cáit and she from him, but over time, their strained relationship begins to deepen. Slowly, in the care of the Kinsellas, Cáit blossoms and discovers a new way of living. But in this house where affection grows and there are meant to be no secrets, she discovers one painful truth.

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Colm Bairead


Catherine Clinch, Carrie Crowley, Andrew Bennett, Michael Patric, Kate Nic Chonaonaigh, Carolyn Bracken

Run Time

1 hour, 34 minutes


December 16, 2022

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Assisted Listening
Subtitled / Open Captions




Irish and English with English Subtitles


for smoking, some strong language


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“Few films explore both the shelter and the solitude of silence with the eloquence of Colm Bairéad’s gently captivating Irish-language drama The Quiet Girl.”

David Rooney

The Hollywood Reporter

“A genuine work of art by a genuinely empathetic artist, and one of the single most moving, heartfelt, and heartbreaking movies from any country in the last decade. That only sounds like hyperbole until you see it.”

David Fear

Rolling Stone

“There may not be a movie more expressive of the season’s benevolent ethos than this hushed work about kith and kindness.”

Lisa Kennedy

The New York Times



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